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Interactive light art driven by social media

How It Works


Our latest work was a month long installation in collaboration with The Prudential Center for their event 31 Nights of Light.

31 Nights of Light Installation
31 Nights of Light Installation
31 Nights of Light Installation
Boston New Technology Installation
Boston New Technology Installation
Boston New Technology Installation
JoAnna Leonard Murray
Boston Properties
“We were looking to add that “something extra” to an event for its 10th anniversary, and were approached by Telapush. A lighting installation was the perfect addition to kick our event up a notch and gain additional awareness on social media. It was absolutely worth the investment, was executed very well and just as discussed, and provided something really special and unique. The Telapush team was incredibly easy to work with, responsive, helpful and accommodating. They even came onsite most days during our month-long event to ensure the tech was working properly. Any issues (very few and minor) were addressed immediately. Thank you!”


Custom Displays

Our light are displays are completely custom: size, color, animations, lights, social media integrations

No Internet, No Problem

No need to figure out internet logistics, we provide our own connection through cellular data

Always Animating

Our signage is constantly cycling through stunning default animations to ensure there's never a lull in the display

Call to Action

We provide signage to educate attendees on how to engage with the display

Existing Displays

We can add our light art and social media integrations to existing displays

Budget and Planning

We provide comprehensive quotes and timelines to ensure our displays fit your budget and event date

Bright and Bold

Our light installations are bright enough to shine in any environment--even direct sunlight

Data Driven

We provide raw social media data for your team to analyze following the event

Event Day Support

In addition to handling setup and takedown, we provide onsite engineers to make sure everything is in check

Social Media Integrations

Our installations are capable of translating a variety of interactions from multiple social media platforms. Contact us to inquire about adding a new social media platform and/or interaction to your installation. Below is a list of our current integrations.


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